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PROGRAMS  2017-2018

Opening Seafood Dinner Friday Oct 6, 2017 Ray Hassard guest speaker and pastel artiest, Confirmed. Chair Bea Horowitz and Sandra Sperber

All daytime workshops are held at the Blue Ash Library, 4911 Cooper Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Nov 9, 2017 at 12:30 - 2:30PM Demo by Deb Ward at Blue Ash Library using fluid acrylic. For more information check Deb's blog " debwardart.blogspot.com"

Fall enrichment outing on Oct 13, with something quite different, "BLINK". BLINK is held in downtown Cincinnati and will transform 20 blocks into one collective walkable, outdoor, interactive art exhibit. It will feature dozens of large-scale arhiteclural light projections (like Luminosity) and street paintings. It runs from Findley Market to the Banks.The display runs from 7:15PM to 12:00AM. For addition information go to "Art Festival BLINK.com"



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